Jorge Machado

Jorge Machado
Jorge Machado

Jorge Luis Machado, was born in Colombia and arrived in the USA when he was a teenager, as every immigrant, just had the dream to find a new place for him and his family. 

Even though his youth, Jorge was always looking for ways to progress, his approach in reaching a better life quality led him to perform in different companies, however, his success was in the financial area.

Being one of the best life insurance and investment sellers from an important american company, met a financial world that attracted a great deal of attention, specially for the opportunities and recognitions awarded in that area, nonetheless he had already achieved financial stability, success and recognition, this visionary man started to build his own path.

In 1990 founded Colamerica, naming it this way due to his home country, Colombia and the land he was at the moment, America. A company dedicated to serve the hispanic community from East side of Usa, without imagining it was going to turn into one of the biggest financial and real estate hispanic companies from the tri-state area, giving him recognition in the more important newspaper of the area called El Récord, that dedicated a whole page to his great labor with the hispanic community, later on was awarded as the best businessman from Bergen NJ county.


In his search of serving his community, Jorge began in Colombia the contacts needed to achieve one of the ideas he had in mind, the biggest builders in Colombia, also the more important banks, would offer to Colombian residents in United States the opportunity of buying house in America, it took more than 3 years to accomplish, however this way the first housing fairs started, having him as the organiser and promoter, thanks to his idea now the Colombians has the opportunity of buying and financing properties there, same happened with the first international housing fair for Dominicans residents in USA.

His dedication and desire of progress for his community led him to make radio and television programmes, with intention of motivate and educate his community so they could become in house owners and this way guarantee a family heritage and dignified retirement, is worth mentioning that his financial and real estate hispanic company was the first one in advertise on spanish speakers massive media, keeping this through the years, becoming it pioneer on its area. 

Jorge more than a businessman, is a community servant, his company is dedicated to the service, guide and education of the same one, is a visionary without doubting, however his biggest virtue is the great social labor with the radio programmes, where he dedicated all his energy to motivate and help a community that has been vulnerated in many occasions specially in financial area, because of this he had worked in building a company that serves unconditionally to latins located in the East side of United States.

Currently, the company is not only based in different states of USA, NY,NJ,CT, Y FL, he has also taken it to Latin America, opening the first office on his homeland Colombia, in the city of Barranquilla, but the plans doesn’t stop there, he started to dabbled in Ecuador and Dominican Republic, because these are the communities that reaches his company service the most in America, this way he plans to achieve one of the mottos of Colamerica, “Being where our community need us”, giving a 5 stars service, which has been accomplished thanks to his dedication and love for his community.

Finally, it should be noted that Jorge Machado, pretends to build with Colamerica the more important hispanic international Company, not only in the USA, also in Latin America.

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